Summer = Road Trips!

Warmer weather in Chicago brings excitement here at Mission Unboxable! Warm weather = Summer = Road Trips!  We can’t wait to get started!

To help kick off summer, we’ll be featuring a brand new Road Trip briefcase and totally FREE (yes, FREE) digital downloads that contain Road Trip Activity sheets.  Keep your kiddos busy with Top Secret Road Trip missions that include a word search, maze, disguise faces and Logo Bingo! Grab a few crayons, a glue stick and some scissors, and you’ll be ready for the long haul.

They say it’s all about the journey and not the destination, but if you’re a parent, you know the journey can be a nightmare without entertainment!

Check back with our blog. We’ll let you know when the Road Trip briefcase is available and how you can get your free Mission Unboxable Road Trip Activity Sheets.

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