Cookie Caper: Downloadable Digital Troop Cookie Mission


Have the most amazing troop meeting by solving this Cookie Crime!


Analyze the evidence and find the cookie culprit! Throw the most amazing troop meeting with this downloadable detective mission! Perfect for ages 6 to 10. This digital package includes 16 pages:

  • Letter to the Troop outlining the crime
  • Creating an Undercover Identity Activity
  • Personalize detective badges
  • Analyzing evidence:  Evidence 1 using a decipher code to unscramble a message; Evidence 2 Analyzing the thief’s fingerprints and Evidence 3 decoding a puzzle within a note
  • Follow up with Fingerprinting 101 that includes a complete supply list and instructions on how to lift and collect fingerprints, along with a fingerprinting cards
  • Three Bonus Sheets: Creating your own code, following the criminal in a maze and using the power of observation to detect changes in two pictures

This is a digital PDF purchase and cannot be refunded or exchanged. As a disclaimer, this mission is not approved by or affiliated by The Girl Scouts of USA

Looking to add to your party? We sell basic fingerprint kits for $7, spry rear-view sunglasses for $6 and briefcases to hold your detective gear for $15.


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