Coming Soon: DIY Holiday Escape Room

The fun of Mission Unboxable combined with the mystery of an escape room: Christmas Spirit Explosion!

Mr. G.C. Boxable has stolen the Christmas Spirit, bottled it up, and hid it in his secret lair. This evil genius is obsessed with Christmas and the clues and puzzles are related to Christmas because that’s all he can think about!

Mr. Boxable has been captured, but only a small group of special holiday agents from E.L.F. can enter his lair to search for the bottle. It is up to the highly-trained, hand-picked holiday secret agents of E.L.F. to find the Christmas Spirit before it’s too late.

When you order this digital DIY holiday escape room, you’ll receive a 16-page pamphlet with how-to instructions, a list of supplies, and a pdf of printables to set up a 5-Lockbox escape room from the comfort of your own home. Coming soon!

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