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Who subscribes to Mission Unboxable?

Kids and adults across the USA are subscribing and becoming Super Secret Agents

Mission Unboxable is best for kids between the ages of 5 and 10

Mission Unboxable is great for both boys and girls

Jessica M.

My son is completely overjoyed with this. Our entire family now has secret identity names. We have all had fun together doing the missions. This is a fantastic product. I bought six months, but wish I would have purchased the entire year.

Gabrielle D.

I have looked at one of the missions and they seem incredible. This is my son's Christmas present and I am super excited for him to receive it! I would highly recommend this product.

How does it work?


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Sign up to receive a Top Secret Mission every month for 3, 6 or 12 months or order a briefcase full of missions all at once!

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Get Top Secret Missions that include spy gadgets, undercover tasks and fun activities.

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Enter the world of mystery and imagination as you complete covert assignments.

Why choose Mission Unboxable?


Mission Unboxable is a unique opportunity to create a new identity and complete covert operations. In a matter of minutes, each Mission will transport you to an undercover universe that includes spy gadgets and secret agents. Try us out — you’ll be amazed at the things your mind will create!   

Cut the cord

Challenge your brain to think without electronics!  Each tech-free Mission is guaranteed to give your brain a break from you-tube, Minecraft, Pokemon and more!  Turn off the computer and laptops and get ready to spark your creativity.  With a little effort and a lot of imagination, you’ll soon be thinking outside the box.


Hidden inside each Mission is an opportunity to learn about who you are and what you’re made of … or better yet, who you want to pretend to be and what you want other people think you’re made of!  With some science and some fun, you’ll be learning new things without the confines of a classroom!  

Meet the team

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Best Kid Subscription Box Around!

What kid doesn’t love mystery and Top Secret missions? Science kits and top secret missions mailed to a child’s front door every month! Secret missions include real spy gadgets and spy gear, disguise kits, fingerprint analysis, decoders, get-away cars, target practice, bird watching (yes, bird watching), bouncy balls and much, much more!

With trying to schedule play dates, juggle activities and still keep kiddos engaged, who can plan any time for good old classic, no-stress quality fun?  Mission Unboxable is a busy parent’s dream. Disguised as secret missions, imagination and science are tucked away in 5 x 9 manila envelopes for easy access to parents-on-the-go.  Grab a mission and spend time with your kiddo or hand it off and give them a break from the electronics! These detective kits are great for teaching kids how to be a spy or perfect for throwing a secret agent party or spy party. Use a secret agent kit to create your own spy birthday party ideas!

Featured on the front page of our local newspaper (headline “Mission: Awesome!”), nominated for the Young Inventor of the Year at the Chicago TAGIE Awards in 2013 and raved about by numerous parent bloggers!