How We Got Started

Mission Unboxable first began in the summer of 2013 when my mother and I spent our Tuesdays together. My mom wanted to find a way for us to bond, something that did not involve electronics. Given how much I used to pretend to be a spy, we started creating top secret missions together for fun. We would have my sisters go through the missions after they were created, and they would always love them. Soon enough, my mom thought that since my sisters really enjoyed the missions, that other parents would want to try it out with their own children too. Thus, Mission Unboxable was born. My mother set up an Etsy shop to sell our missions as a monthly subscription and we have been shipping them all over the world ever since. Of course, being eight, this was tremendously cool to me, and even years later, I still want to share these missions with everyone that I can.


When we are not working on Mission Unboxable, I play guitar and work on various creative endeavors, and my mom works as an attorney. All the profits not invested back into the company are deposited into a savings account to help my sisters and I pay for college.

– Michael, CEO

Meet The Team



 Lisa (Mom)
Chief Financial Officer

 Is the sauce to our spaghetti. Makes sure bills get paid. Lets the kids run the company.



Chief Executive Officer

Eats cheese. Likes the color blue. Hates blue cheese. Runs the company.

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Hates the fruit. Can live with the color. Loves the juice. Oranges. Runs the company.


Chief Creative Officer

Sparkles like glittery eyeshadow. One day hopes to wear it. Until then, she runs the company.


Chief Operations Officer

Quiet and shy. Observes and analyzes.  When no one is looking, she climbs on the desk and runs the company.